One of our electricians was called out to a property in Langwarrin to inspect a switchboard after the resident became concerned about the safety of they existing switchboard.

After a quick inspection, it was clear the original person who had installed the switchboard had adhered to the strict Australian safety standards that must be met for all electrical work carried out in residential and commercial properties,

As you can clearly see from the accompanying photo, the original switchboard installation had left some very dangerous components exposed. The copper busbar along the top of the switchboard was fully exposed, a set up that violates the current standards and common safety guidelines our electricians always follow when installing or upgrading switchboards.

Upon seeing the switchboard configuration, we immediately recommended an entire switchboard upgrade using the latest safety switches to comply with current Australian standards.

If your concerned about the state of your switchboard, or would upgrade an older switchboard so that it meets the current Australian safety standards, contact Truelight today and one of our local electricians will come out to your premises and inspect your current installation and advise you on the best options


Switchboard Upgrade Langwarrin - Before Pic