Before shot, fluorescent lighting in Somerville Chiropractic
LED Panel Lighting upgrade, Somerville Chiropractic

Our good friends at Somerville Chiropractic decided it was time to upgrade their old fluorescent lighting to new energy-efficient LED lights in their consulting rooms.

After time old fluorescent tubes can actually lose luminosity. As this is a gradual process, you may not notice until someone new walks into the room and says, “It’s a bit dark in here.”

LED Lighting installation by a qualified electrician

Not only can you put an end to this problem by using LED lighting, that does not suffer from gradual diming overtime, but you can also knock down your power bill.

Why use LED panels instead of old fluorescent tubes?

  • The energy efficiency of LED lighting is far superior to old fluorescent light tubes.
  • LED lighting is at least 30% more efficient than older fluorescent tubes.
  • Fluorescent tubes distribute light ineffectively, with half the light shining up into the light fitting.
  • Fluorescent tubes dim by up to 60% over time.
  • LED tubes are easier to dispose of.

Contact us Truelight Electrical to find out if we can help you with your lighting upgrade today. You may even be eligible for a rebate under the Victorian governments VEET Scheme.