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A customer called looking for an electrician to come out and fix some LED lights that were under the decking at the entrance of their home. One of our electricians arrived on site in Fingal and after removing a few of the decking planks in order to get to the wiring of the lighting he quickly discovered that the original electrician who had installed the decking lights had made the simple mistake of not securing the connections of the lights to the transformers.

After reconnecting the wires and making sure they were secured, the lights worked perfectly. It was nothing more than a simple case of the original electrician overlooking a simple step in the installation process.

With that job done we moved onto setting up the external lighting at the front of the house so that all the lights were now activated by the same sensor at night. The previous sensor light set up had only turned on half of the lights at the front of the house, but not the light directly above the doorway. After some quick re-wiring we got the sensor light set up so that all of the front facing exterior lighting came on as soon as the sensor was tripped.

With that done, our electrician helped the client out with one final problem. When the house had been built the light switches and exhaust fan in both of the bathrooms had been set up so that they were around the wrong way. Instead of the light switch being the switch closest to the door, the switch for the fan was closer. Although this isn’t regulated by any rules, most houses have the light switch closer to the door. It was a simple job of popping the switches out and swapping them over.

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